Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hard work and beautiful too -

I have been working so hard that there has not been much time or energy left for blogging. You remember me talking about taking a course in Linguistics at PUC-Rio? I am in the process of finishing the final paper. The Monograph! I have spent hours and hours trying to think my way through a 30 +/- page research paper.

I don't want to think it is hard because of my age and surely I have some advantage because I am writing it in English - BUT it IS HARD. Can you image all my classmates, native language of Portuguese, researching and writing in English. They hold down full time jobs, have young children, spend hours and hours reading and doing the homework and in the end travel many miles to attend class. A smart, ambitious group, and beautiful too. Teachers all, I have the greatest admiration for them. Over the past year I managed to take all these pictures but I missed many - sorry to those I missed this blog honors your efforts also.
Kisses - GingerV

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