Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winter in Nova Friburgo

(note: remember to double click on the image to enlarge and that our house is on the Mury - Lumiar road just west of that little blue line going almost straight north)
In past years I have spent July, August and September freezing .... well a tropical styled freeze with the temperatures in the teens - (11 to 17c or about 52 to 62f) - but it can feel pretty cold in our unheated house. This year and for the past month it has been 22 to 27c (71 - 82) a real and prolonged heatwave. This is are usual December - March temperatures. This being dry season, we have had day after day of hot, dry weather and it is very much out of season. It makes me a believer in Planet Warming.
Taking advantage of this hot dry weather, and continuing our project of eating in unknown, out-of-the-way places, on Sunday Camillo and I took the MP for a ride out past Lumiar and had lunch. Basically out in the middle of nowhere there is a restaurant named the Prooosit. (Estalagem Conde Redondo)
Estalegem? is this another word for Pousada?
The grounds and the little Chalets were very nice - upscale - well maintained and if I didn't have my own house in the mountains I would stay a few nights at the Conde Redondo.

This restaurant was about 10 KM past Lumiar - so about 35 km from our house. The service was a little slow, maybe you might say really slow. They tried hard, never leaving us to feel that they had just forgotten about us, but we still waited an hour past appetisers for the food. To be fair they had a very big crowd, we didn't call ahead, they gave us free salads as an apology and they had really good drinks so we didn't suffer. The food was good enough to warrant the drive, I liked very much the ambiance, we will try again soon to see if the service problems were unusual. Try it.

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