Monday, June 18, 2007

Back to Rio

Tomorrow we head back to Rio. There wasn't enough time here but with my taking the classes at PUC, we don't have much choice but to spend more days in the city. The Faux Cherry trees are beginning to bloom and I hope to be back before they have moved on through their season. This photo is from last year, they line the streets of the condominium. They are not out in the forest so do not seem to be native trees.

Last week I put a photo of a Bromeliad on the blog, it was a spiky pink. Today when I walked the yard this same plant now had a second 'blossom,' pink mixed with a blue flower.

Isn't it stunning? These Bromeliads grow outside on the trees. They seem to like being where the tree branches, nice and cozy and secure. GingerV


Anonymous said...

What are you studying at PUC?

Doing day or night classes?

Expat Goiania

GingerV said...

yes I am at PUC on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I am in a CCE post-grad class called Lingua Ingles.

Steven Alexander said...

Good hearing from you again. Drop me a note at so I can reply to your question about visiting the Amazon. Welcome back.