Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quiz on Brazilian Culture

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All of you readers out there can enter a little contest. I will send a gorgeous pair of the latest style Havaianas to the commenter who can explain what is going on in this photo. The only restriction is that the writer must be in a country other than Brazil. It can be a response ranging from fantasy or accuracy, humor or tragedy. Ginger and I will be the judges.


Anonymous said...

I would guess that it is some type of food offering to a god. It reminds me of the photos I've seen where plates of food are left at the graves of ancesters. So, who is buried under that big tree?

FYI - I answered this BEFORE I went to get the real answer from my "almost Brazilian" daughter. Also, your blog on the marmalade got me into the mood to make blackberry jam. If Jenna has room, I will send some down to Brazil with her. Good luck on your contest!!

- Laurie in Indiana

Riorose said...

hello again Laurie,
I am glad to hear from you. Ginger is the jam and jelly person here.
do you realize that there are 2 writers now?

Oh my, blackberry. I remember when I use to pick wild ones in
Oregon. there was nothing like that taste. Ever!

Jenna sent me a comment telling me she finally read my blog and she
liked it. Everyone really like the blog on buying a belt.

Thelma said...

Hummm... is it "macumba"? If it's not, it can be just for "temperar a carne"?
Let me know! ;-)

PretaMulatta said...

hey from brooklyn *NYC*. i realise i'm extremely late 2 this blog, but it definitely appears 2 b an offering 2 some orixa. since there are two plates, i'd guess the Ibeji (the twins), although they are often plied with candy, not farofa, onions & salami (that's what it looks like in the pic, anyway). i'm wondering, though... could it be an offering 2 Oxossi?