Saturday, July 21, 2007

new words and concepts

RioRose wonders if we should invite 'lurkers' to participate in our blog. I had never heard this term before so I looked it up in Wikipedia.

In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom, file sharing or other interactive system, but rarely participates.

One of the hardest things about writing in Rosemary's blog is never getting comments. I really am a person that needs positive feedback. I have never been able to do a job were the boss did not from time to time pat me on the shoulder and say 'good job'. But what if everyone who reads my comments thinks them useless and that's why no comments. Ouch!

I despite the risks of rejection, I think I would really enjoy hearing from everyone who visits the blog. Maybe comments will help us to talk more about what you want to talk about as women, as expats, as cooks, as grandparents living far away from the kids and grand kids. Maybe someone would find what you have to say so helpful that they will have to write a comment too. Maybe my four years in Brasil has taught me something that you are struggling to figure out and it would make me really happy that the agony of adjusting to this life could be useful to someone else.
After you read this, go down below to 'comments' and tell us what you think we will both be happy to hear from you.



Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of those lurkers, but I do enjoy reading BOTH of your blogs. I like the recipes you share and especially loved the photo of the batch of marmalade.

Laurie in Indiana

Anonymous said...

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Thelma said...

Ginger, I just love to hear your impressions from Brazil. I'm a Brazilian ex-pat (lived in USA and now I'm in Canada) and it's great to read "the other side of the story". Maybe you guys could blog more about the culture shock or what you miss most about USA or even show us the Rio from your perspective... Keep up the good work! ;-)