Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am now at five years in Brasil. In those five years or 60 months, I have probably spent 6 months here in Houston. This visit, I have started to notice that I now have a different perspective of the States. BIG, and BIGGER. The doctor's office where my daughter works with its long halls, high ceilings, and soft lighing accenting the feeling of space, the new house of a friend - Rhonda and her hustband Terry (no children at home/one very small dog) just purchased this last December has a kitchen the size of our Rio apartment (somewhat exagerated to make the point), the parking garage under the Galeria that has long open drives and parking spots that are easy in and easy out - everything Big! Part of this perception of BIG, is the wide open spaces of Texas, its wide flat plains that are now filled with people, 14 lane hishways, and three story stores that have only one story of showroom floors. BIG! Every shopping center is surrounded with parking spaces - Bigger! Restaurants Big! and the serving sizes Bigger!
It has occured to me that the well publicized weight problems of the North Americans are rooted in the world of BIGGER! In order to not feel small in this world of BIG - they feel the need to be BIGGER!.

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