Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tattoos and other reactions

I know that all the expat women in the world have dealt with this problem hundreds of time, but for me this does not help in the least. 'Rio Rose' is finally leaving Brasil. Rosemary and Abel will be moving to Portugal at the end of September. We have been friends and comrades in Blogging for almost 4 years (5?). When I'm down she brings me up and when she is down - well I hope - I help her out. Now what do I do? She will no longer cook for us, she will take her recipes to Portugal and I will WHAT?
To counter this feeling of loss, of panic, of need - I got a Tattoo! Does this seem extreme? For me it isn't. I have always dealt with 'depression' with a new activity, or a new round of diet and exercise, or a few times in the past 'nearly' six years a few days hiding in bed - refusing to eat right - to take care of myself - this time a tattoo seems to me a much healthier effort to change how I feel. So I dedicate my new Tattoo to RioRose and her new adventures in Portugal. (Yep, those are freckles - I have faded red hair, green hazel eyes and FRECKLES everywhere the sun hits)

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Anonymous said...

wow! go Ginger! cool! where is it!!!

xoox, Shannon