Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blame the British for their clever use of language

Although Americans get the prize for repetitive usage of crude profanities the British never cease to amaze me. Visiting my favorite blog today, http://www.lucypepper.com/blogzira/ I noticed the use of the word "shite." Now I never imagined that they had their own spelling for that oft used multipurpose American adjective-noun-adverb.

So I researched the word and found the ever trustworthy Wikipedia definitions. I don't mean to be crude but go there and check out the etymology and usage. We wet our pants.


Sergy said...

"Shite" it´s the ancient word, obviously of saxonic origin. Phonetically it´s closer than your current modern-day world "shit" to the german version scheisse.

It´s still often used in northern England, Scotland and Eire.

riorose said...
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Sergy said...

Ooops...where I wrote "modern-day WORLD", please read "modern-day WORD":)