Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is it Sunday yet? Have the neighbors' parties stopped yet?

At the moment it is 3:15 and our neighbors' parties have woken me up. Note that I use the plural. Unable to go back to sleep I turn on the computer and again I am gazing out the window.

Some envious guy sent me a message from Australia, saying that all the partying here must be great. Only if you are 25 and happen to be invited to all the parties. Yes the cariocas do party. If they partied a little less and really took a look at their country maybe they could spend some "party" energy doing what normal people do. Like protesting in the streets, breaking windows, overturning cars, shooting politicians. Oh, I catch myself here, they do shoot politicians here, just not the right ones.

Speaking of the right ones: We read that Fernando Collor is thinking of running for president in 2010. In any other country he would still be in jail. Here in Brazil it is as if there aren't enough crooks, they recycle them. A very readable book on the true Brazil.


Panta said...

ha ha I was in Brazil when F Collor was elected he was going to do karate to the inflation etc

anyway very good blog this - i saw you on an expat blog list and you're the only one with good updates as well as photos etc :-)
-- and a second blog too left a comment there
ps you know the link there-to-here says notamissionary.blogspot or such, not


Riorose said...

Dear Panta
Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I am learning to make the blogs interesting. I won't read long winded tomes anymore and I am presuming that people prefer short, entertaining and with some illustration. Glad to hear that some one out there could appreciate my comments about FC. Take a look at that book. As a former resident you will love it.

bebelove said...

hi mom, i just picked up A death in is wonderful to read a book about a culture you are already familiar with......the author is awesome.

Riorose said...

Hey, Bebe read the previous stream. i was talking about the book and the author. He also wrote a book about Italy.