Monday, March 26, 2007


After 2.5 years we finally went to Mosteiro de São Bento to hear the Gregorian mass. Nearly half of the interior is covered in scaffolding blocking the entire visual effect of the gilt walls and paintings. It was beautiful but very typical of so many churches.We were warned to arrive at least an hour before. About 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the service the church was full. I took a photo of a side chapel and a beautiful step stool.

After 20 minutes we left, I was wondering If I was the only person who knew the 6 weak voices were not singing a Gregorian mass? Scratch this event off your "must do" list when in Rio. We instead went to see The Banco do Brazil's excellent pictorial history of engraving. Did you know that nearly every artist of note starting from the 15th century participated in this movement? There were some fine examples of Durer, Goya, Picasso, Morandi and Rembrandt. The works were from Dutch and Brazilian collections.

After the museum we drove from the center of the city to Barra. Chefe Valquiria had prepared a wonderful cabrito in the Portuguese fashion. It had been marinated for 24 hours in garlic and spearmint. We washed it down with Portuguese green wine. Marques, the maitre, posed with the chef.


Panta Rei said...

wonder where the banks get their money from :-)
nice photos as usual

am also trying out my corrected comment name here, 'panta' was a bit of a panto (I think they just take the first name of the account info automatically, like Joe Murphy becomes "Joe says"...
some people edit wonderful blogs, others just about manage to edit their comment names in those blogs!)

Riorose said...

Brazilian bank interest is the highest in the world, or nearly so. Therefore they make enough to have art museums on every block. No such luck though.