Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a matter of perspective

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Perspective (visual), is the way in which objects appear to the eye
Perspective (cognitive), one's "point of view", the choice of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences
Point of view (literature), the related experience of the narrator
I love to look up words in a dictionary. It helps to clarify my thinking. Above are three of the six definitions related to today's thoughts.
Yesterday, I wrote the blog about recycling, saying that the USA could learn a thing or two about recycling from Brasil. Well, I didn't really say it that point blank, but I intended for the idea to hang out there. Riorose commented from Ann Arbor that where she had lived in California, there was a serious and mandatory recycling plan in place years ago. From my perspective, I still don't think the US has any type of serious world leader type 'green earth' plan. And if you understand the USA even a little, you know that Californian thinking is light years away from Texan thinking (Its okay I wasn't born Texan, but in the Midwest which is a completely different story.) It is sort of like comparing Carioca with Paulista with Bahiana - completely different perspectives.
You will be surprised to know that Texas, the home of President Bush, does not have a plan.
Camillo says that if you hold your fist up to a point of reference on the horizon, you can say that another landmark is, for each indenture between your knuckles, a degree away from the point of reference. A full circle is 360 degrees, (360 knuckles). I think that all thoughts: all views: all opinions: all understanding of words, color, smell, taste: all conclusions drawn on carefully drawn research, everything is based on an individual perspective from anywhere in that 360 degree circle.
Everything we experience, whether with a lesson learned or not, changes our perspectives. I can not see or understand my world in quite the same way as I did four years ago, or a year ago, a month, even one day ago. To say that we don't change is to state the impossible, even if not recognized, the change, the slight shift in perspective in us, is there waiting to be found and understood. GingerV

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