Sunday, September 2, 2007

Don Camillo and Mr President

Ginger has introduced you to Don Camillo, our local Brazilian-Italian humorist. I have introduced you to the twins. The twins are the progeny of Mr President, our Swiss-Italian humorist friend. We think it is the Italian part of the hyphenated descriptions that produces the chemistry between them.

We will never know exactly because those of us who sit and observe their antics cannot follow their private language. It appears to be a blend of Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

It goes something like this: Don Camillo says 3 words in brazo-italiano then Mr President says 3 words in brazo-italiano about the name of Chou Kou Chinese Restaurant. They break into laughter. Not the normal type of laughter but the tears on your cheeks - choke on your food - wet your pants - type of laughter. Then they throw out a few useless anglo - germanic - brazo laughter choked syllables in an attempt to help the rest of us out and again nearly laugh themselves to death.

Don't worry about the wives of those 2 or the Comandante, we simply enjoy the company of 2 people taking so much pleasure from life and from each other.

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PretaMulatta said...

wait a second! is this don camillo from the don camillo restaurant?? i LOVE that place! i was serenaded by some old braso-italian waiters and am SURE i was so charmed that it's why i've got a braso-italian beau here in nyc!