Monday, September 3, 2007

Moving Day, Maybe.

About a month ago our neighbors informed us they were moving from their apartment and asked us if we would like to take over their lease. It took me about 5 seconds to answer affirmatively. The rent is less than our current apartment and the value is about 10 times more. It is the trilevel penthouse with a view of Corcovado, all of Leblon and Ipanema, the white sand of Ipanema beach and the stunning granite monolith of Dois Irmãos. A rooftop pool and jacuzzi, sauna etc. You get the picture. The third level is the barbeque area.

So far so good. Of course there is a catch. This is Brazil you know. Fiador, check! Documents, signed and notarized, check! One walkthrough done, check! Where is the key??

Well there is one more document that needs completion and notarizing. We have been sitting here all day waiting for the typist to return from coffee then from lunch. The Comandante then needs to review it, hopefully there are no errors, drive it all the way to Barra, then back to Ipanema to be notarized then down to the realtors to pick up the keys before 5pm. It is now 2:15. I have checked my mail so many times it is about to blow and so am I.

The Comandante decided to take all of this in true Brazilian style. He is lying on the bed reading his novel.

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