Monday, September 17, 2007

Spain - food and drink

SO FAR this trip I, surprisingly, don't feel like I have overeaten. Breakfast has been either scrambled eggs with toast and coffee, or a 'bakery' which is a pastry filled with a light cream. Lunch has been a soup (with chickpeas), crusty breads and a light wine or a sandwich made with thin slices of Serrono ham, Spain's answer to parma ham - no mayo, no butter, no excess calories, just bread and ham - can't be fattening. I am probably in a state of denial - we'll see. I want you to see some of the food we have eaten 'with gusto'. Yesterday, Silverio made for us his 'world' famous Paella, a rice and seafood dish that sold in every restaurant here, but the best is
when Silverio makes it at home. The sea food available is the best looking I have seen anywhere. Just about every street we have walked has had a store selling hams and sausages, breads, chocolates and other sweets, or wines. Camillo's favorite here seems to be Tortillas - not like Mexico's but more like a quiche - made with eggs, onions and potatoes, usually it is served plain on a plate, today in Toledo it was on great slabs of bread.... I didn't eat this so WAS not fattening for sure. GingerV

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Steven Alexander said...

Hey, I'm keeping track of the calories! But all the food and wine looks soooo good! All the best.