Saturday, September 15, 2007

Madrid Spain

I don't know if I can be coherent or not, I am suffering either jet lag or 'Beth and Silverio Lag.'
We have been in Madrid since Thursday morning. The new airport is Fantastic-Futuristic, including the line waiting for taxis. The airport experience from start to finish took about 2 hours.

Thursday night, the start of the birthday fiesta, we went to the Plaza Santa Ana for wine and tapas.

On Friday morning to vineyards with tour, wine tasting, and tapas, and more tapas. Friday afternoon was a quick tour of Segovia and the Anzar,

all with Beth directing and keeping us -more or less- on a schedule.

Camillo and I walked the local streets in central this morning, had breakfast, took many photos of the Royal Palace, a church that is apparently only 1 year old, and watched the people in the Plaza Mayor - all at a more leisurely pace. Now Camillo is in catching a nap and I will soon follow. Tonight is Silverio's birthday dinner. It starts at 9:00 so I suspect we will be up most the night with food and drink.
Nap Time!

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Cultura Kids said...

Ginger, this is so cool! Can I show this to my students?
BTW, when will you be back?
Big kiss,
your classmate
Maria do Carmo