Friday, September 7, 2007

move Part lll

This is an addendum to Riorose's move story. I feel good that she appreciated my 3 plus hours of help but I should have done more. She is a crazy person - It didn't even occur to her to change the dates of her flights to the US in order to get her move done with a bit more ease. She worked like a pack mule to get the move done before leaving for the airport. I thought everyone would like to see what all the effort was about.
the first two photos are the before apartment and the second two the new one.
It will be a real improvement in quality of life for the two of them AND all their progeny looking for a vacation in Rio de Janeiro. The view is spectacular and the pool and Churrasceira will make for a great New Years Eve Party. I will help her then too - you can bet on it!

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