Friday, September 7, 2007

Not Exactly Jetlag

But not exactly normal either. I worked for 11 hours straight before my flight. Then the normal 13 hours of travel time has left me a bit punchy and sore.

After managing to retrieve the new apartment keys at only 7 pm the night before, I started our move 5 stories up the building at 7 am on Thursday.  I was determined to get most of the move completed before I left for the US at 11pm. Mission accomplished. By the time plopped my tired bones into the taxi, at least 80% of the move had been completed.  Luzia, our housekeeper, was great.  She knew where everything went and was able to retrieve items when I asked for them later.

In true American fashion, Ginger came to help for a few hours. She scrubbed out closets and cupboards and arranged the new linen closet.  She took photos to show our bloggy friends where I will be blogging from in October when I return. Abel said he loves the way Americans help each other. I think it is one of those things that we take for granted only until we move to another country. Without family around we become sisters and brothers.

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