Monday, April 23, 2007

Pão de Queijo

These terrible little things are worth the calories. I learned how to make them when we were at the coffee farm. The cooks were surprised that I spent so much time in the kitchen with them. They just didn't understand it but they were proud and I wish I had photos of their smiling faces. A measure is what you want it to be; a teacup, coffee cup, Brazilian measuring cup, 200cc's, 180cc's, an American measuring cup, a baseball cap. The important thing is proportion. We used a 200cc measure.
Pão de Queijo
4 measures of polvilho doce (extremely fine mandioca flour the texture of cornstarch)
3/4 measure of vegetable oil
1 measure of water
1-1/4 measure of milk
around 350-375 grams of grated queijo de Minas (similar to Mexican fresh cheese but a bit harder and drier in texture, parmesan is only a so-so substitute because it is too strongly flavored)
1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
4 eggs (or thereabouts)

Here is where it gets tough. You heat up the oil, water, salt and milk. Mix in the flour well then let it cool down. When it is warm add the cheese. You start adding the eggs one by one until you have a texture, well an indescribable texture. They mixed it with their hands, then oiled their hands to form egg size oily lumps. Space them on the baking sheet and without allowing them time to rise bake them in a moderate oven. The raw dough balls can be frozen and then popped frozen into the oven.
4970 calories in the total recipe divide by 30 and you have 165 calories each. The link is for the photo credit, do not use that recipe.

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