Friday, April 20, 2007

The true "Crime na Lagoa"

The Comandante and I apologize to our dear friend, Romulo who wrote a book of the same name but tonight we experienced a much more shocking crime. A robbery? No, a multi apartment home invasion? No, A vicious murder? No. We witnessed the most pretentious musical production ever produced on this planet, much worse than a child's third grade band recital from which we are still trying to recover. We think it will take another bottle of wine. We went to Parque Lage this evening for a jazz production. The mansion was built in the early 1900's for a wealthy shipowner and his homesick Italian opera singer wife. He commisioned a stone Italianate structure with an immense reflecting pond. At night true genius becomes apparent as visitors enjoy miraculous candlelit reflection images of Italianate arches, clear bright skys and the granite monolith of Corcovado mountain illuminated by the Cristo display. The Comandante and I felt priviledged to be in attendance. No camera or film could possibly capture the panoramic ambience. The musical lineup for the evening included eight of Rio's finest jazz musicians. Try to picture gentle candlelight, an introduction worthy of Ed Sullivan, a couple of Cole Porter instrumental standards, and then a young woman emerges from the darkened arches to sing. This was an environment worthy of Pavarotti, she opens her mouth but nothing comes out. Nothing notable at least, unless you consider an immature, untuned four note range 12 year old female voice interesting.


Anonymous said...

I have actually been to this mansion. If you take a walk in the gardens out back, you will come to the round Rapunzel tower. Walk around singing until you find
the "sweet spot" on the floor. It is amazing! Maybe the little girl should have spent some time practicing out there first.

-Laurie from the States

Riorose said...

I am at the parque 2 times per week. I will go to the tower and try it out. Laurie, have you been in the stalagtite cave there on the grounds, that is also amazing.