Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow, only 9.5 hours later

And here I am at Starbucks, Atlanta airport. Gate B30. I just went through customs. They have gotten so strict about liquids. The security checker must have seen something on the screen because she grabbed my tube of toothpaste, shrugged her shoulders and placed it back in the scanner tray with my shoes. All the while the truly suspicious item she had seen lay under my purse; the lethal 80 gram tube of hormone gel. Enough federal crime reporting, what about coffee shop crimes. This is amazing, I think I am the only person who ordered coffee. Everyone else is ordering things like; mocha caramel double dip froth, or 20 ounces of chocolate mocha italianato sippy froth. Then the customers say " Oh and I need a double rocky road chocolate muffin or a croissant ala France." Alluring neon lit display cases hold bagels the size of wagon wheels and muffins as big as landscaping rocks. You do know the pride of French bakeries are tiny crusty but light flakey and buttery puffs of air croissants. Here they must weight 20 ounces and be nearly the size of my head. Now I notice the size of the women's butts, big as Brazil, every one of them! I think I could sit here and be inspired to write 10 blogs but I have a plane connection to make and more airplane food to eat.

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