Saturday, April 7, 2007

Traveling to and from Fazenda Sacramento

My family is wondering where I have been. Unable to reach me by phone and email they were ready to list me as missing in action. I have also been exhausted since returning to the city and you will soon see why.

We left from Santos Dumont airport and flew to Uberlandia in the heart of the interior. It took us about 2.5 hours flying time in this little plane.

This is a Brazilian federal highway

We got into a truck and drove 390 km to reach our destination near the town of Patos de Minas.

I am trying to illustrate here that nearly the entire length of the highway are potholes and every vehicle must drive around thousands of potholes. As you can see it is not wide at all and very frightening to suddenly find yourself confronted by the grill of large cargo trucks.

After our 4 day visit, we took the road back to Uberlandia Airpot, whoops I meant airport.

The airport officials would not allow me to board the plane because of a name difference between my air ticket and my passport. After an hour they admitted that the airport clerks in Rio made an error. They should not have allowed me to board with the discrepancies in the first place. After considering my situation they folded and allowed me to return home.

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GringoGene said...

These potholes are not restricted to this area of Brazil, but instead, are found throughout Brazil on most Federal Highways. Only about 30% of Brazili's Federal Highways are 'normal'.

Think driving a 30 ton soybean truck 1,000 miles on roads like this. Grim!