Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cultural or just bad business

For the passt four weeks, I have been pulling out my hair trying to get online, receive emails, send my latest paper back and forth looking for free editing help, doing banking and to write in the blog. It has been constant, horrible, random, seemingly unrelated problems.
We called our ISP (NET) in Rio and were told we needed to reconfigure our computers and to call GigaLink, our provider in Friburgo - HOW COULD IT BE GigaLink's PROBLEM?
Next time in Rio, we called NET again because it was even worse, now I couldn't get to my Yahoo account in Houston, the one I talk with my grandchildren through, or get a good connection to SKYPE and I am NOT a patient person. NET sent someone out 3 days after we called, "to check our system". Of course, there was no problem with THEIR CONNECTION so had to pay R$100 for some outside consultant to spend 10 minutes tapping keys and telling us he'd fixed 'IT'. Ten minutes after he left - NO INTERNET. Are you starting to see a pattern here?
Two weeks ago, we came to Rio with intent to make time to find a solution. Poor Camillo, I think he finally believed me that it had nothing to do with our computers, but only after I resorted to yelling at the man. You just can't believe everything they tell, it didn't make sense that it was our problem. He called NET again - and again through some type of 'pinging' they determined that there 'was nothing wrong with THEIR connection - AGAIN someone would come out on Saturday - FOUR days later.
OKAY I went to the gym to relax - and when I came home Camillo says, there is nothing wrong with our connection - BUT the Technician said that.... You won't believe this.... "NET has been trying to change their server from S. Paulo to Rio and can't seem to get it right, They are working on it though." Pulleze! why not just tell us that three weeks ago. That we could have understood. With that answer we could have saved R$100.00 and hours of frustration.
Can you understand this? .....
Can You?

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