Saturday, August 4, 2007

If you stand by the window long enough, does a blog come by? #2

It was one of those mornings. What do I blog about today?

I have borrowed one of Ginger's lovely photos. The subject is far nicer than my old borrowed cartoon but they both express the same sentiment.

Here it comes, the blog for the day from Rio de Janeiro. Moving day. A sofa being let down by workers from the building that blocks much of our view.


GingerV said...

we have a sofa sleeper in the apartment in Rio that would go in the elevator but wouldn't make the turn from sala to hallway and into the spare room - so these men came and put it out the window of the sala and swung it back and forth and into the window of the spare room. now we need it out --- this time had a sofa made out of wood that will come in pieces and be assembled.

Anonymous said...

that is a crazy picture!! I wish I was in Rio, I miss you! xoxo, Shan