Thursday, August 2, 2007


After lunch, yesterday, we walked through Morretes to find the recommended sight of birds eating bananas left out by one of the local vendors. Then the 12 of us on the tour loaded into a small van and headed back to Curitiba via the Estrada da Graciosa. We had one more scheduled stop to make though, in the small town of Antonina to see a church built in 1715, a finely restored public square and a walk out on the pier to see the fishermen. There was a clearly written sign that said, no bicycles, cars or fishing. Actually I think it was a very old pier that we were supposed to be viewing - the fishermen were extra.

Today we took a taxi around Curitiba to four of the many famous sights in town, a museum designed by Niemeyer, the botanical gardens, the Park Tangau and the Bosque Alemão which we never found.It was cloudy but no rain. Maybe I am getting acclimated but it seemed not quite as cold today. It has been a long time since I have ever been really impressed by a building but the Museum was really fantastic. I will talk tomorrow about it and send you photos.

Tomorrow we will leave here and go on to the Iguacu falls.



Thelma said...

Ginger, did you eat Barreado there?

GingerV said...

YES, the initial taste was great, but it sat very heavy on my stomach all afternoon. I enjoy very much tasting new things (sem-snails, oysters,and cheese that is green or blue)but find as I MATURE some things bother more than others.
thanks for your visit.