Monday, August 6, 2007

more marmalade

Yesterday we walked about the property to see what is happening in the 'deep' of winter. The caqui trees are in hibernation but have red tips on the end of the branches ready for some warm sun and moisture. The kumquat that I started in the greenhouse last year is almost 3 feet tall this year. One of the orchid in my little greenhouse is blooming and there was a tangerine tree laden with fruit.

I haven't seen this before,. The fruit has gone uneaten in other years because it was sparse and SO tart. But now that I am a marmalade connoisseur, I thought I should try to use the fruit. So on Saturday I picked tangerines and oranges from the garden, started the 'soak' and last night I added the sugar (1.5 kilo) and today we had fresh marmalade on bread. Geez it is fantastic - even if I must say so myself.

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--jenna said...


I got back to Rio last mother is a devoted reader of your blog...had I had a bit more room in my meager 70 lbs of luggage, you'd be receiving some homemade soaps and other farmhouse delicacies! I won't be bringing any such offering this time around, but perhaps we could get together someday for lunch, or tea? :)

Also, as a fellow 'estrangeira' could you tell me how one goes about getting a fiador in this lovely city??? I've finally decided to move out of the favela...but it's not as easy as I thought!

And Ginger...your marmalade sounds spectacular!!!!! Reminds me of Paddington Bear...mmmmmmm