Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little places

I am always writing, Friburgo this and Friburgo that, but Camillo and I actually live about 15 minutes outside of Friburgo on the road to Lumiar (Estrada Muri para Lumiar). This road may have another official name or number but I don't know what it is, I have never seen a sign or the name on a map. When Camillo built the house close to 25 years ago, the paved road stopped at the condominium entrance (4 km) (because the commissioner of roads lived in the condominium!) and about 10 years ago it was paved all the way to Lumiar. A few years after that a 'curb' was put in all the way, effectively widening the road by about 6 inches, and finally, about 6 months ago the pavement was taken all the way through the mountains and meets BR 101 at Casimiro de Abreu.
I guess this mean it is now the road to Casimiro.

This is a lot of information just to introduce a small place were we sometimes like to eat in Lumiar. If you drive to Friburgo but take a right at the only street in downtown Muri to the right. Drive about 15 km or until the street dead ends in Lumiar then turn right again and the take the first left, just as you come to the new pavement (smooth and nice instead of full bumps and holes) there is a small grass hut, with plastic chairs and tables type place on the right called Barra Vento.
The food is simple but well prepared, the outdoor tables look out over a bubbling brook, service is friendly and there is a very polite, well educated dog waiting for handouts.
We ate Pastel frito na hora de camarão, which mean cooked this hour and was very hot and light (does that mean it wasn't fattening?), fried fish fresh from Rio that morning and polenta that were excellent. I will not mention the capirinhas but will say that I was very good having sworn to not over eat this weekend - I washed the meal down with a bottle of agua sem gas...

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bebel said...

I added Barra Vento to my list of good restaurants! Thanks.