Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rape and pillage

In the late 70s early 80s Nova Friburgo was designated as a nature reserve of the 'Mata Atlantica'. That is more than 30 years ago. There are pages and pages of rules (laws?) about what you can do on your land, what you can build, what trees and how many you can take down and all that government (----). I know a lot about it, but understand little. For over a year I tried, through an agent, to receive the rules (laws?) that applied to a piece of land I wanted to buy. I wanted to buy the land and over several years invest some of my retirement funds in building three small houses in the forest. This would have kept upward of 10 men working through at least 3 years. I was unable to obtain a written document saying that I could buy, build, and sell houses for individual families. The men in city hall did not want to commit, with signature, that they knew and understood the rules (laws). It was finally suggested to me that I go ahead and buy, and begin to build and see "if anyone figures it out and if they do you will just be fined" that's what everyone else does. I gave up in frustration.
I see that this may very well be true. The first photo is of a property on the road to Lumiar (protected forest) that the owner cleared, burned (note the trees he left have also been damaged) and the others are before and after of a piece of land that we can see from our veranda. The cleared area were there are some cattle grazing (and Camillo will say people have to eat) that keeps mysteriously enlarging and now they have TAKEN BULLDOZERS to a hillside - removed trees and complete hillside - and are going to build a 'futebal clube, social' whatever that means. I know this road is supposed to have single housing and tourist related businesses ... and forest, according to the 1980 laws. Progress or rape and pillage?
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gingerv from Nova Friburgo, nature reserve

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Riorose said...

Where do we place our frustration? This must be very hard to see that bald spot enlarging day by day and be unable to do anything about it.